available version: v.1.
21 May 2009


INTERPOL is a Windows program that calculates interpolated values for standard-sample-standard sequences using different methods.

Usage is extremely quick and simple: data pasted from clipboard, and the interpolated sequences are copyed to clipboard by one mouse click. See attached Examples-for-INTERPOL.xls file with test data and brief explanations.

- The current version was tested under Win 2000, XP, and Windows 7.
- The program optimized to work with US/UK settings of the Windows system. Use dot as decimal separator and comma as list separator to avoid confusions. (Can be set in: Start / Control panel / Regional Options).
- It is recommended to show the extensions of the files in your system (disable the following option: My computer / Tools / Folder Options / View / Hide file extensions for known file types).
Status: Freeware, but the users are asked to cite this web-page.

Download the complete setup (v. 1) - ca. 2 Mb, zipped
Unzip the package and run setup. Sometimes the system reports a "Version Conflict" Do you want to keep...? answer: YES.

At download it is recommended to send an e-mail to be a registered user and receiving information on the updates in the future.

- The present version can process data files up to 30,000 data.
- A given number for X value can be used only once (the program is basically designed for processing time series data, and thus one X value can be used once).
- Decimal separator should be set to dot (UK / US system; "Pech" for German users - for more details ask Bill Gates).

Main window of INTERPOL (example: Pb206/U238 isotope ratios)

Zigzag line connects the means of the groups of consequtive standard measurements.
Rejection of individual data: click on the points.

Result of interpolation as it is copied to clipboard


Code used for polynomial regression is from R. Hirte (http://rhirte.de). Many thanks!

Reporting problems

The program is in test phase. Numeric precision, functional aspects and stability have to be checked. Help us at the testing and further development and report please all malfunctions or send your suggestions how to improve it.

In case of any detected crash contact me, and indicate please precisely:
- version of INTERPOL,
- in wich step happened the malfunction, and
- send the file, which caused the problem.

Thanks in advance!

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