available version: beta H03.
18 April 2009


Pepita is a Windows program for data reduction, outlier rejection and calculation of isotope concentrations from laser icp-ms and other time resolved analyses.

System required:
- Processor faster than 800 MHz recommended.
- Screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.
- Each computer needs an installation procedure once. New versions of the EXE file of the program can be run without reinstallation, only the old version of the executable should be replaced by the new one.

- The current version was tested under Win 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and MAC OSX (+Parallels Desktop).
- The program optimized to work with US/UK settings of the Windows system. Use dot as decimal separator and comma as list separator to avoid confusions. (Can be set in: Start / Control panel / Regional Options).
- It is recommended to show the extensions of the files in your system (disable the following option: My computer / Tools / Folder Options / View / Hide file extensions for known file types).

Running on MAC:
Frank Lisker runs without hindrance Trackkey on MAC with a PC emulation. Citation from his letter of 31/8/2004:
A comprehensive overview about Windows emulation programs is given at http://emulation.net/windoze/. The easiest, smoothest running, most distributed (and most expensive) one is "Virtual PC" (current version: 6.1). Trackkey works excellently on this platform, and the respective files can be transferred straightly from and to the Mac disc. The only alternative I tested is "MacBochs", a rather intricate freeware which can be downloaded from ttp://bochs.sourceforge.net/.

Frank Lisker - University of Bremen

In 2008 I got another letter from a MAC user: It runs well under MAC Operating System 10.5.3 called "Leopard". You have to run "Parallels Desktop", which gives you the possibility to install any operating system you like - XP, Linux, Ubuntu - and they run in an window under Leopard ... thats preety nice! Parallels Desktop is not very expensive by the way.

Status: Freeware, but the users are asked to cite it (see 'About' in the Help menu) and cite this web-page.

Download the complete setup (beta H03) - ca. 4 Mb, zipped
Unzip the package and run setup. Sometimes the system reports a "Version Conflict" Do you want to keep...? answer: YES.

Pepita works only if the additional files (settings, example data, etc.) are available in a so called Pepita-StartKit directory.

Download Pepita-StartKit directory - ca. 120 kb, zipped

Unzip the files and place them exactly in the C:\Pepita-StartKit directory. Later this directory can be moved somewhere else (see description in the Settings menu point).

At download it is recommended to send an e-mail to be a registered user and receiving information on the updates in the future.

- The present version can process data files up to 100 isotopes and up to 6000 time slices.

- It is practical to keep all files in one directory. The 'Open' dialog box will show only the data files that are proper for the requested function. This is the reason why we have introduced the different extensions.
- If you store your data in a different format and the present version can not open them then you can conert them to the solide block format (with extension: .CSV - see pdf file with exact description) or contact me and I try to create a proper import filter.


Format of files used
Grubbs test
Output of data


Start window:

Warning if the files are not compatible:

Time slice selection and preliminary visualization of the trend of concentration or ratio of isotopes:

Statistical tests and rejection:

Output of results and start new procedures:

Settings window:

Assign of internal standards (maximum 3) to the elements analysed:

Creation of import filter for the own data files (needed to use only once):

Reporting problems

The program is in test phase. Numeric precision, functional aspects and stability have to be checked. Help us at the testing and further development and report please all malfunctions or send your suggestions how to improve it.

In case of any detected crash contact me, and indicate please precisely:
- version of Pepita,
- in wich step happened the malfunction,
- attach the files that caused the problem, and
- specify what kind of data handling (time selection, rejection, ...) was performed before the problem occurred.

Thanks in advance!

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