available version: 1.A. (test)
28 Aug 2004


Prov_synt is a Windows program to synthetize age-provenance data. It computes single grain age distribution according to the sediment yield of the relief of the eroding area and the vertical age distribution of the exposed rock column.

      The single grain FT age distribution of a siliciclastic sediment deriving from a structural block is controlled by the (a) age/elevation profile and (b) the elevation dependence of sediment yield. The first is known for many regions, the second distribution can be approached by the present relief. If the area is in steady state then the sediment yield is proportional with the relief. If the relief evolves then the sediment yield is more pronounced in given elevation ranges but it can be derived from the actual relief.
      ProvSynt computes the single grain age distribution and its statistical characteristics from user determined (a) and (b). To consider reliable scenarios at he modeling we supply a library of typical cumulative elevation distributions from some mountains. The modeling can by performed just by mouse clicks. The distribution of the computed single grain ages are evaluated and plotted on the field of the distribution types of Pearson family.

The program is only in the test phase (beta-version). It is partly checked and the description & 'Help' is still not complete. Contact me please, if you find bugs or unstable points. It is a great help for testing our work.

System required:
- it is tested under Win 00, Me and NT 4.0,
- the country code and the decimal separator of Windows has to be set to dot (UK / US system),
- processor faster than 400 MHz recommended,
- screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels,

Freeware. In case of usage and publication cite this web page. I plan to publish the description in a paper after the beta-test.

Download the complete setup kit (test version 0.A.) - ca. 4.2 Mb, zipped

At download you are kindly asked to send an e-mail to be a registered user and receiving information on the updates in the future.

Download the example data - ca. 34 kb, zipped
The example data files are necessary for the start. The directory which contains the data files must be placed in the following way: C:\TK-DATA. The own data files can be placed everywhere and this example directory can be deleted later.

What is going on?

The Main window:

The trials of different setting can be performed simply by mouse clicks on the cummulative elevation plot and on the age / elevation profile.

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