Curriculum Vitae


Born: August 19th, 1976 in Barcelona (Spain). Further personal (and crazy) information on my blog.


PhD degree with the Thesis on “Geostatistics for constrained variables: positive data, compositions and probabilities. Application to environmental hazard monitoring” obtained on December, 2005. (Errata)

The master thesis “Daily variations in stream water chemistry and their implications for Ammonia generation” was presented on July 2004.

I studied Geological Engineering from september 94 until march 2001, finished when the degree project “Composicions a partir de diagrafies” (Compositions from well-logs).


Nowadays I am a post-doc researcher of a project on “A quantitative tool for predicting sediment composition and reconstructing sediment provenance” in the Georg-August-Universität from Göttingen (Germany).

Between January 2006 and April 2006, I worked as statistical consultant for a project of prediction of exploitation costs of waste-water treating plants from Catalunya, of the Agència Catalana de l'Aigua jointly with the Universitat de Girona.

Between January 2001 and December 2005, I enjoyed a PhD Grant of the Universitat de Girona (BR01/03), where I took my master classes and taught some statistics lessons to students of environmental sciences and biology courses.

Between September and December 2001, I worked with the CTT-UPC, through a grant, at the department of Civil and Cartographic Engineering, studying dilatation phenomena of fluid inclusions in salt rocks.

Between June and September 2001, I worked with the CTT-UPC, through a grant, at the department of Applied Mathematics III, programming an application to test risk hypothesis in extreme phenomena.

Between December 2000 and May 2001, I worked in ENDESA-Generación, Department of Engineering and R+D, Hydraulics Area, through the program University-Enterprises, writing and monitoring hydraulic projects.

Between September 1998 and July 2000 I worked with Profs. Dr. Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn and J.J. Egozcue, through a grant, at the department of Applied Mathematics III, helping in the teaching activity of some courses of statistics for civil engineers.


member of the International Association for Mathematical Geology.

Research interests:

applications of statistics to geology, particularly compositional data analysis and spatial statistics.

Awards and complementary data:

Recipient of the 2007 Andrei Borisovich Vistelius Research Award for young geoscientists of the International Association for Mathematical Geology.

From september 2007, "guest professor" of the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).

Attendance to the 2005 edition of the “Doctorials”, organized by the catalan Universities and the Department of Universities, Research and Information Society from the Catalan Government. This stage is intended to give PhD students a wiev of the society's need for resarch.

Recipient of a 2004 student grant of the International Association for Mathematical Geology for the project “Coordinate kriging: Estimation of probability density functions

Short research stage (5 months) during autumn 2004 and spring 2005, granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Catalan Agency of Universitary and Research Grants (AGAUR).

Attendance to the 3rd national conference of young researchers, organized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture, held at Oviedo (Spain) during October 1993. Special prize to the communication presented there, Tres móns diferents, una sola Barcelona (Three worlds, a single Barcelona), a socioeconomic study of Barcelona. (It is my early first contribution to science ;-)