available version: 1.A. (test)
28 Aug 2004


Out?Lier is a Windows program for outlier tests of data sets having normal or "close-to-normal" distribution and low number of observations.

The program is only in the test phase (beta-version). It is partly checked and the description & 'Help' is still not complete. Contact me please, if you find bugs or unstable points. It is a great help for testing our work.

System required:
- it is tested under Win 00, Me and NT 4.0,
- the country code and the decimal separator of Windows has to be set to dot (UK / US system),
- processor faster than 400 MHz recommended,
- screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels,

Freeware. In case of usage and publication cite this web page. I plan to publish the description in a paper after the beta-test.

A Short Description

Download the complete setup kit (test version 0.A.) - ca. 4.2 Mb, zipped

At download you are kindly asked to send an e-mail to be a registered user and receiving information on the updates in the future.


The Main window:

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