available version: 4.2.g.
29 May. 2006


Trackkey is a Windows program for calculating the statistical values and plotting the single grain ages for fission track geochronology. TRACKKEY provides a complete system for data processing for the external detector method using both zeta and activation calibration systems. The plots are linked to each other and they are presented in one window for better overview. The program allows fast and easy selection and grouping of individual data.

Download description (pdf, Dunkl, 2002, Computers & Geosciences)
Download explanation to update (pdf, Dunkl, 2001, OnTrack)

System required:
- it is tested under Win 95, 98, 00, Me, NT 4.0, XP and W7 /64 bit,
— (in some cases W7 64 bit needed to run at the installation the 'VIRTUAL XP' environment)

- the country code and the decimal separator of Windows has to be set as dot (UK / US system),
- processor faster than 200 MHz recommended,
- screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels,
-each computer needs an installation procedure once. New versions of the EXE file of the program can be run without reinstallation, only the old version of the executable should be replaced by the new one.

Running on MAC:
Frank Lisker runs without hindrance Trackkey on MAC with a PC emulation. Citation from his letter of 31/8/2004:
A comprehensive overview about Windows emulation programs is given at http://emulation.net/windoze/. The easiest, smoothest running, most distributed (and most expensive) one is "Virtual PC" (current version: 6.1). Trackkey works excellently on this platform, and the respective files can be transferred straightly from and to the Mac disc. The only alternative I tested is "MacBochs", a rather intricate freeware which can be downloaded from http://bochs.sourceforge.net/.

Frank Lisker - University of Bremen

Freeware, but I kindly ask the users to cite the following paper:
Dunkl, I. (2002): TRACKKEY: a Windows program for calculation and graphical presentation of fission track data. Computers & Geosciences, 28(1), 3-12.

The main window of TRACKKEY:

A brief introduction about the main windows of TRACKKEY

Download the complete setup kit (version 4.2.g) - ca. 4.5 Mb, zipped
This setup kit contains also PopShare.exe, which can be used to identify age components in detrital or partly reset samples (see a short introduction on PopShare homepage).

If you have already installed of former versions of Trackkey, then create now a new program directory (for example: TRACKKEY.42). Copy your personal setting files (xxxx.SET) from the old into the new program directory.

Download the example data - ca. 34 kb, zipped With new data also for PopShare!
The example data files are necessary for the start. The directory which contains the data files must be placed in the following way: C:\TK-DATA. The own data files can be placed everywhere and this example directory can be deleted later.

At download it is recommended to send an e-mail to be a registered user and receiving information on the updates in the future.

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