Computer programs of István Dunkl

Description, introduction, download TrackKey free download

Windows program for calculating the statistical values and plotting the single grain ages for fission track geochronology. TRACKKEY provides a complete system for data processing for the external detector method using both zeta and activation calibration systems. The plots are linked to each other and they are presented in one window for better overview. The program allows fast and easy selection and grouping of individual data.

Description, introduction, download Popshare free download

Windows program for identification of components in a mixture of data. It uses the SIMPLEX method for the best-fit search. The user can select both the distribution type of the components and also the fitting algorithm.

Description, introduction, download ProvSynt free download

Windows program to compute single grain age distribution according to the sediment yield of the relief of the eroding area and the vertical age distribution of the exposed rock column.

Description, introduction, download Outlier free download

Windows program for outlier tests of data sets having normal or "close-to-normal" distribution and low number of observations.

Description, introduction, download Pepita free download

Windows program for evaluation of laser ICP-MS results and other time resolved raw data: data reduction, visualization, some statistical tests, outlier rejection and calculation of isotope concentrations.

Description, introduction, download UranOS free download

Windows program for calculation of isotope ratios for U-Pb geochronology from time resolved raw data files.

Description, introduction, download Interpol free download

Windows program for calculation interpolated values for samples between the measured standards in standard-sample-standard bracketed analytical sequences. Linear, log and plynomial regression can be applied. Usage is quick and simple.

Sometimes in Windows 7 the installation is not complete and some OCX files need manual registration.

It can be solved by a simple, two-step procedure.

Running on MAC:
Frank Lisker runs without hindrance Trackkey on MAC with a PC emulation. Citation from his letter of 31/8/2004:
A comprehensive overview about Windows emulation programs is given at The easiest, smoothest running, most distributed (and most expensive) one is "Virtual PC" (current version: 6.1). Trackkey works excellently on this platform, and the respective files can be transferred straightly from and to the Mac disc. The only alternative I tested is "MacBochs", a rather intricate freeware which can be downloaded from

Frank Lisker - University of Bremen

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